8 Challenges Teachers Face in Modern Days

Teaching is a difficult profession. The truth is that every job has its own unique set of challenges. Teaching is no different. This does not mean that everyone should avoid being a teacher. There are also substantial benefits and rewards for those who decide that they want a career in teaching.


Babel Tower? English is the solution

When Mr.Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister, recently visited Russia, and was presented by Mr.Putin with a planned extension of the monument commemorating the Sardinian soldiers who fought in the Crimean War (1853-56), he thanked to his host both in Italian as in Russian: Grazie! Spasiba!


Stay connected in a learning community

Children’s access to nowadays digital technology (computers, tablets, smart phones etc) represents a long debated subject by specialists and a challenge parents are facing. We leave in a society where consistent skills to use technology, as well as foreign language skills ( especially English language, which has become almost an universal language) are essential tools for the success in life.