A FUN AND INTELLIGENT WAY TO LEARN ENGLISH OPPOSITES for children age 8 and over, although it fits everyone who wants to learn English vocabulary, while testing their intelligence.
135 DIFFERENT PUZZLE GAMES, from easy to very hard.

AGE 8+

IMPROVES LOGICAL SKILLS by finding the pattern through application of the rules.

IMPROVES INTELLECTUAL SKILLS by analysing and synthesizing the problem in order to find the solution.

KEEPS THE FOCUS ON SOLVING A PROBLEM by systematically using the logical, intellectual and visual-motor skills.

EASY TO LEARN ENGLISH WORDS. Through repetition, during the practice of a motor skill, the words are both easier to memorize and easier to remember for longer periods.

BEAUTIFUL AND FRIENDLY DESIGN. With beautiful images, the game creates a loving environment, where kids feel safe and attracted to play over and over again.

PLAYFUL AND COLOURFUL AMBIENT, with funny images and backgrounds, as well as fun and cheerful music for a joyful, yet mildly challenging experience.

EASY TO USE, with easy understandable rules.

How to play:
The scope of the game is to transform all the images on the board into their opposites, as per instructions.

Every time you touch an image, it will transform into its opposite and the same will happen with all the images in the immediate proximity (left, right, above and under).