Animal Families and Homes

A FUN WAY TO LEARN NEW WORDS, to learn the coordination of movement, to understand the image-sound connection for kids under 6.

AN EASY AND PLEASANT WAY to learn animals, the members of their families and the places where they live.

240 WORDS AND THEIR PRONUNCIATION, using nice feminine and masculine voices for a better accommodation with both sides of human manifestation.
6 LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

AGE 0-6 YEARS. Easy to use, easy to understand, very helpful in the formation of new neuropaths in the brain.

HELPS TO TRAIN THE VISUAL-MOTOR SKILS by spotting the connected images and then moving them towards one another.

EASY TO LEARN WORDS IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. Through repetition, during the practice of a motor skill, the words are both easier to memorize and easier to remember for longer periods.

BEAUTIFUL AND FRIENDLY DESIGN. With beautiful images, the game creates a loving environment, where kids feel safe and attracted to play over and over again.

NICE AND CHEERING SOUNDS, which would create a state of happiness and joy for the child.

HELPFUL FOR LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE as well as for learning new words in the kid’s native language.