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Children’s access to nowadays digital technology (computers, tablets, smart phones etc) represents a long debated subject by specialists and a challenge parents are facing. We leave in a society where consistent skills to use technology, as well as foreign language skills ( especially English language, which has become almost an universal language) are essential tools for the success in life.


The PISA-Finland Connection

All over the world, at different levels of society -governments, employers, educators and specialists in education theories, parents, students- there is an intense debate about the best ways to conceive and organize the educational process. The policy makers: “How can we achieve the goal of getting a well prepared, flexible workforce?”.


Homo Bullyiens

Bullying isn’t a phenomenon characteristic only for young people under 18 years. The new definition of bullying (Volk, Dane & Marini), expanding the classical one (Dan Olweus, 1993) is not age or social status restrictive:

“Bullying is aggressive goal-directed behavior that harms another individual within the context of a power imbalance/costs vs benefits” (reputation, resources, reproduction).

The authors set the whole discussion in a comprehensive historical context, defined by the evolutionary theory.